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$11.6 million in new payments!

genmaMore than $11.6 million in funds from One Faith, One Hope, One Love will be paid during the next week to the campaign’s designated ministries, including about $3.5 million in parish rebates.

These payments, representing the six months from Jan. 1 to June 30, are the latest of the campaign’s semiannual installments:

• Catholic Education: $5,204,430

• Local Parishes: $3,566,258

• Retired Priests: $1,040,886

• Fostering Vocations: $1,039,309

• Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio: $483,330

• Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley:  $291,948

The Fostering Vocations component received an extra boost this period by qualifying for Procter & Gamble’s matching gifts program, which is restricted to higher education. Because the P&G program is expiring, some donors accelerated their gifts to the Athenaeum. The amount from P&G matching gifts during these six months came to more than $174,000 of the $200,000 received in off-site deposits.

Here are totals from the start of the campaign through the first half of 2017:

• Pledged: $166,564,026

• Collected: $77,443,529

• Percentage of collections to pledge: 46%

For more information, including parish-by-parish statistics, click “Financial Reports” in the upper right corner of this page.

May God bless our benefactors for helping to build the Church and its missions!



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