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Financial Support is Appreciated at the Seminary

Air Conditioning Installed in St. Gregory the Great Chapel

Kevin LeMelle is entering his second year of Theology as a seminarian at the Athenaeum of Ohio. He’s the first seminarian in 40 years from St. Bernard Parish, in Springfield. He’s one of the nearly 100 seminarians who are living and studying at the Athenaeum during the Fall semester. It’s the time of year when temperatures are starting to drop off, but even with the hottest days of the summer behind him, he still appreciates the central air conditioning installed this past Spring in St. Gregory the Great Chapel and the six remaining unairconditioned classrooms.


“It would get really hot in there [the chapel]. Part of it is that the kitchen is underneath, so you have the kitchen heat rising up through the floor. And we have pipes in the subbasement so we have two layers of stuff happening underneath [the chapel] with a lot of heat coming up from below. It really gets hot in there,” said Mr. LeMelle.

Seminarians spend upwards of 2.5 hours a day, on weekdays, in prayer in the chapel. They gather each morning for Morning Prayer and daily Mass, they gather for the midday praying of the Liturgy of the Hours, and they attend a Holy Hour and pray Evening Prayer together as well. The weekend schedule is slightly more relaxed.

Examples like the air conditioning installation, highlight the need for financial donations to continue with the upkeep of the 55-year-old building that houses the main chapel, dormitories and classrooms at the Athenaeum (the east wing of the Athenaeum, which also includes classrooms and dormitories, is nearly 90 years old).

2017 I Theology 08 Kevin LeMelle seminarians 42

“I am very cognizant and aware of the financial support from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. I try to be aware of that when I don’t feel like studying or doing certain things, or seeing the purpose in certain things when it comes to formation. But this is what God is asking me to do and I recognize that it is being paid for by someone else,” said Mr. LeMelle.

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati continues to foster vocations with a financial commitment each year through the One Faith, One Hope, One Love campaign. Funds for this allocation are given to The Athenaeum of Ohio. In 2017 The Athenaeum received just shy of $2.5 million dollars. The funds were used for operating costs, endowments and tuition assistance. $439,417 of the 2017 funds were used to complete the air conditioning installation.


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We Are Investing in Five Priorities to Carry Out the Work of The Church:

Caring for Retired Diocesan Priests
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Our archdiocese is in the midst of advancing our promising opportunities and addressing our pressing needs. At this moment in our history, sustaining and growing our diocesan ministries requires attention to several key priorities. We must foster strong parish communities, the driving force of our call to be Christ's presence in the world. We must ensure the continued availability and strength of our Catholic schools. We cannot forsake our brothers and sisters in need. We must continue to welcome and foster the rising numbers of priestly vocations God is sending us, while we provide for our retired priests in gratitude for their lives of dedicated service.

Based upon the positive results of a professional planning and feasibility study conducted in 2013, our archdiocese is moving forward with a comprehensive campaign, One Faith, One Hope, One Love. This campaign will transform our communities of faith; strengthen the Catholic presence in our communities; and give our parishes, schools, and other ministries a solid foundation upon which they can prepare for the future. We are united in this commitment with our shepherd, Archbishop Dennis Schnurr, our Auxiliary Bishop Joe Binzer, our diocesan and religious priests, religious sisters and brothers, permanent deacons, lay ministers, and volunteers. One Faith, One Hope, One Love provides a historic opportunity for all of us to work together to realize our vision for a vibrant Catholic Church in our archdiocese.

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Letter from the Archbishop

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