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Another milestone in teaching Theology of the Body


Over the last four years, the Office for Evangelization and Discipleship at the Archdiocese of Cincinnati has shown a great love and dedication in their work developing a new religion Graded Course of Study for Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade students. The new curriculum now incorporates Theology of the Body into content taught each year in school religion classes and catechetical programs throughout the archdiocese. This work was made possible with funds from the 1Faith1Hope1Love campaign.

The Theology of the Body teaching originated in 129 Wednesday audiences by Pope St. John Paul II between 1979 and 1984. During the audiences the Holy Father presented a unified vision of personhood as soul and body. Archbishop Schnurr has directed that the Theology of the Body be a part of religion studies for all schools and parishes in the archdiocese.

In 2016 the Graded Course of Study was approved for schools and catechetical programs in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 4th. In February of 2018 Archbishop Schnurr approved the Graded Course of Study in grades    5th – 8th. With funds from the 1Faith1Hope1Love campaign the Office for Evangelization and Discipleship is working toward a curriculum for high school students to be released in 2020.

“In this age of radical secularism, scientism and self-invention, we Catholics must boldly and lovingly proclaim the truth, the goodness and the beauty of the biblical vision of what it means to be human,” wrote Archbishop Schnurr, in a February 14th announcement when he officially promulgated the new course of study.

The undertaking of this latest Graded Course of Study was enormous. It included five contributing writers. The review committee consisted of more than a dozen clergy and dozens of parish catechetical leaders, catechists, Catholic school administrators and teachers.

The new Graded Course of Study provides resources to help teachers with the content – something they did not have in the past. The study materials include citations from Magisterial documents and Sacred Scripture. In addition to the educational resources, new prayer booklets have also been created to accompany the material.

The Theology of the Body content is new in the Graded Course of Study, but the other focus areas remain the same:  knowledge of the faith, knowledge of the sacraments and liturgy, moral formation, praying with Christ, living in the community of the Church, and living as a Christian in society.

Archbishop Schnurr went on to write, “I pray that God will richly bless these standards as a centerpiece of our efforts to create a culture of vocations amongst our Archdiocesan Catholic school principals, teachers, directors of religious education and parents.”


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