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Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio, 2018 Report

One Faith One Hope One Love has been instrumental to the ministry of Catholic Charities. The total value for services delivered in 2018 was $941, 100!

Problem Recognition and Resolution

Patricia had been with her partner for quite some time, enduring years of persuasive abuse and other traumas.  Coming from a family and cultural background where this was very common, Patricia struggled to recognize that she was a victim of the cycle of abuse.  Through resilience, she took a very important first step and decided to move past and get help.  She reached out to Catholic Charities to connect with a counselor for support.

An intake specialist helped connect Patricia to an individual counselor, who evaluated symptoms and treatment needs.  Patricia realized validation after being diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Patricia’s counselor implemented a trauma-informed care model including WHO (World Health Organization)-recognized best-practice treatments for PTSD.  Over the past year, Patricia has been empowered to break the cycle and make healthy choices for establishing safety and recovering from traumas. She has also been able to work through the stigma of taking medication for mental health symptoms, and was connected through her counselor to the agency psychiatrist for appropriate medication management interventions.

She has been regularly meeting with a counselor at Catholic Charities for over a year now.  She has made significant progress in her ability to set healthy boundaries in order to establish safety for herself and her children.  She uses the knowledge she has obtained and a range of coping skills in order to manage acute stress symptoms such as trauma triggers and flashbacks.

Catholic Charities provides trauma-informed care, including individual and family therapy and psychiatric services as needed, to many clients like Patricia, including those from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Parish Outreach – $44,200

Enlightenment Series: 6,432 participants    

Parish Connections: 115 Parishes

Catholic Charities Parish Outreach works with clergy and laypeople to bring services to those in need. Parishes and schools prepare welcome baskets and host coat drives to assist clients.

Also, Catholic Charities connects with congregations of all faiths through the Enlightenment Series. Staff experts and renowned external speakers are featured. Last year, Catholic Charities co-sponsored a presentation by Andrew Fisher addressing issues such as food insecurity, mercy and migration.



Hunger Reduction $299,800 Ted unloading food edited

Second Harvest Food Bank: 1.7 million meals through Springfield Pantry and mobile pantries

Food for All: 401,000 meals through pantries and school backpack programs


Catholic Charities assists people struggling with hunger by assessing all their needs to better coordinate and advocate for services that lift families out of poverty. One initiative is Catholic Charities Food for All that partners with social service agencies and churches in rural areas across the eastern counties of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati to address hunger in food deserts.  This initiative has grown to include providing school-based pantries and student “power packs” in Catholic schools in Cincinnati. Services include counseling and case work.

Next, the Second Harvest Food Bank provides meals to people struggling to avoid hunger in Clark, Champaign and Logan Counties through its Springfield Food Pantry and mobile pantries.  Second Harvest also provides emergency assistance for rent, utilities, and a variety of other needs to the poor and vulnerable.


Family Services $20,600               Su Casa VC 18_k_ruler 2

Parenting: 395 adults

Early Childhood Mental Health: 1,005 children


Catholic Charities serves at-risk children and their families through individual counseling and classroom experiences designed to repair relationships, correct behavior and teach skills that bring families closer together.

From toddlers to teenagers, Catholic Charities works closely with pre-school to high school students, teachers and parents to identify the root causes of social and behavioral issues and to develop interventions.



Su Casa Baby Shower Mom 2018Health and Education Programs $155,400

Su Casa / Neighborhood Health Outreach: 3,079 served

Medical Homes: 900 served

Su Casa Combined Education Program: 498 adults, 110 children

Su Casa serves Hispanic/Latino immigrants who are seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Some undertake the dangerous journey to migrate to the U.S. in search of a better future. Services include education and fitness classes, health fairs, screening, referrals and emergency assistance.


Behavioral Health $312,900    TheOne

Receiving service: 1,308 served

Sessions provided: 5,418

Catholic Charities provides behavioral health services to all who are in need regardless of faith or income. The counseling program is certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and the staff consists of licensed professionals who adhere to high standards of practice and ethics.

Our team supports individuals and families, children to seniors, to manage life issues.


FFA ST Joseph Vol 1Volunteer Programs $56,200

Volunteers: 4,254

Volunteer Hours: 185,272

To be a volunteer with Catholic Charities is to bear witness for Christ to those in need regardless of religion, ethnicity, race or age. In a society marred by divisions between rich and poor, our tradition recalls the Gospel of Matthew (25:31-46) and instructs us to put the needs of the poor and vulnerable first.  Catholic Charities empowers Christian disciples and people of goodwill to answer the call to serve and work for justice.


Refugees Resettlement:  $52,000  AR World Refugee Day Hug

Resettled:  62

Employed:  84


Catholic Charities serves refugees who come to the United States through the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Refugees come from extreme poverty, violence, or religious and political persecution in their homelands; seeking a better life for themselves and their families.


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