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Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley 2018 Use of Funds Report



Support parishes

The One Faith, One Hope, One Love campaign contributed to serving parishes through Catholic Social Services in a variety of ways this year. The Parish and Community Relations Manager position has connected more parishioners throughout the Dayton and Northern County region to services, and service opportunities.

Additionally, CSSMV committed a robust annual billboard campaign throughout the west side neighborhoods of Dayton.  This was in direct response to the closure of Good Samaritan Hospital and meant to instill confidence in the presence of the Church in the neighborhood.

Expand care management

One Faith, One Hope, One Love funds were used to expand, and maintain programs across the board at CSSMV including; Supervised Visitation and Exchange at Erma’s House, Parenting programs, professional counseling, refugee resettlement, food pantry, Family Stabilization and Support, Lincoln Academy, Ride Link, and notably the Food Source ( Northern Counties) program. This program began in 2017 as a pilot.  It now involves many volunteers who make home deliveries to seniors who are food insecure in the Northern Counties.  The program made a total of 179 deliveries of 40 lbs. boxes of staple food last year.  Deliveries are made directly to the client home once a month, and each delivery requires a team of two volunteers to make the delivery.

Expand self-sufficiency

CSSMV was able to increase support for its annual fund in 2018.  Through staffing additions, infrastructure improvements and IT support, CSSMV continued to increase its reach throughout the region. Additionally, consolidation of case records onto the same software has improved reporting, and cross program coordination – both of which have strengthened the marketing department’s ability to compel supporters to increase their support and increased effectiveness of the services we provide.

Invest in parish/community food pantries

The campaign continued to support Foodbank fees in 2018 of $15,698. The Choice Food Pantry at CSSMV is the only foodbank in Dayton which is open five days a week and serves families with a week worth of groceries once a month.     Last year, the pantry served 5,999 unique families representing nearly 16,000 people.

Expand volunteers

With an increased focus on volunteer outreach the Parish and Community Relations Manager at CSSMV was able to engage more than 30 volunteers in the Parishes Organized to Welcome Refugees (POWR) Grant program – funded through USCCB. Additional funds were used to support an HR intern to support volunteer onboarding and coordination.

Program Highlights: Increase effectiveness/improve outcomes

CSSMV was able to provide professional development for staff members, expand wi-fi services at the Eckerle Administration Center, improve lighting at the EAC and the Center for Families, and continue to expand program utilization of the Apricot case management system.

In addition to these important improvements and opportunities, the campaign allowed CSSMV to expand services in several areas:

In the parenting program, campaign funds were used to expand Mothers Empowered, a prenatal and postnatal partnership designed to ensure healthy birth outcomes and strengthen parenting skills. The program was able to grow to serve expecting mothers at Miami Valley North Hospital in addition to maintaining services at the Drew Health Center (formerly at Good Samaritan Hospital).

Campaign funds along with Catholic Ministry Appeal support have helped strengthen the professional counseling program by providing flexibility for CSSMV to provide school based counseling at 3 schools in the Northern Counties as well as a licensed counselor at the Spiritual Center at Maria Stein.

The Early Childhood Education Center – Lincoln Academy – has been strengthened with support from the campaign.  Additional funding provided the opportunity to increase staffing to open up another classroom and serve more children with a five-star step up to quality education.

The refugee resettlement program was provided resources to expand its outreach to secondary migrants who arrive in Dayton with zero federal financial support but still require extensive services. In 2018, CSSMV was able to provide services to an additional 65 secondary migrants.

Finally, the campaign provided match funding required to support the ride link program in the Northern Counties.  This program, primarily funded through the Ohio Department of Transportation helps solve regional transportation issues for those living in rural communities, while providing a resource for those looking to navigate the transportation options currently available.

Total funds applied in 2018: $511,543

As we look to 2019-20, we are mindful of the capacity which the One Faith, One Hope, One Love campaign has built, and are prepared to make determinations on programs that will be sustainable in the years to come.






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