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IMG_20171220_083057370The Cincinnati church best known for its Lenten observances hasn’t neglected Advent. 

IMG_20171220_082653765Holy Cross-Immaculata, where thousands of pilgrims “Pray the Steps” each Good Friday, designated some of its One Faith, One Hope, One Love share toward restoring the parish Nativity set. It went on display this week.

The restoration has proceeded in phases. Father Leonard Fecko, pastor, said the Blessed Mother was completed during this past year.

The crèche sits to the altar’s right, a simple tableau amid Holy Cross-Immaculata’s historic artwork.

Other sculpted figures in the church include one that itself has become part of local lore, in this case involving another holiday:  the statue of St. Patrick. which is “stolen” every year on his feast day by the Ancient Order of Hibernians.


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