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Three new shepherds

LayingHands2Our Archdiocese has three new priests, following ordinations Saturday at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral. 

PL and Archbishop SchnurrThe three, who completed studies at Mount St. Seminary’s Seminary of the West:

• Father David Doseck (home parish: Immaculate Conception parish, Botkins).

• Father Peter Langenkamp (Holy Trinity, Coldwater).

• Father Alexander T. Witt (St. John the Baptist, Harrison)

Each also received his first assignment, to begin July 1. Father Doseck will serve the parishes of St. John Fisher (Newtown) and St. Veronica (Mount Carmel). Father Langenkamp has been appointed to Holy Angels (Sidney) and will teach at Lehman High School. Father Witt was assigned to the Coldwater cluster (Holy Trinity, St. Mary’s, St. Anthony’s).

The One Faith, One Hope, One Love campaign profiled Father Langekamp’s journey to the priesthood here. That’s him, at left, with Archbishop Schnurr.

(Photos: Greg Hartman/The Catholic Telegraph. More ordination pictures here.)


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