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Caring for Retired Diocesan Priests

Caring for Retired Diocesan Priests

Through the Sacrament of Holy Orders, in a moving ceremony, a man is ordained to the priesthood. He promises he will faithfully fulfill the substantial demands of priestly life in obedience to his bishop. Lesser understood is the promise from the bishop to care for the new priest throughout his ministry.

When priests retire they continue to make a profound impact on the spiritual and personal lives of Catholics of all ages. They celebrate Mass in area parishes, visit the sick and homebound, and bring God’s Word to those in prison. After a lifetime of sacrifice and service, no priest should face retirement with financial uncertainty. Parishes support their priests during their active ministry. Once retired, our priests depend on their monthly retirement income, Social Security, and personal savings to meet living expenses. Our archdiocese established a fund in 1967 to finance benefits for retired priests unable to continue their ministry. There are currently 87 priests receiving benefits from the retirement fund.

Soon, for the first time in the history of our archdiocese, there will be more retired priests than active priests. Projections indicate the number of men receiving benefits may grow to 140 within the next five years. With a high average age and a great number of priests preparing to retire, there is a pressing need to provide for these many faithful servants of the local Church. One Faith, One Hope, One Love is committed to supporting our retired diocesan priests.

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