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Local Parish Priorities

Local Parish Priorities

Our Catholic Church is universal, but it is in our own parish that each of us experiences our faith most directly and intimately. Through parish ministries, we praise God together, enjoy fellowship, form our children in the faith, and provide for those in need. We recognize the importance of parish life, and through One Faith, One Hope, One Love seek to strengthen each parish so that it may better serve the needs of its people.

Each parish, no matter how well maintained and established, has needs. These may include capital repairs or renovations, program or ministry development, or other unique needs. The archdiocese is committed to the stability and vitality of our parishes; therefore, 20% of the funds pledged and received in a parish up to the parish goal will be returned directly to fund parish needs. The use of funds will be decided locally. In addition, each parish that exceeds its campaign goal will receive 60% of the overage contributed by its parishioners.

Check out some of our local parish news stories to learn more about how the campaign funds are being used.

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